About Me


Prof. Basavaraj P. Donur, born on 26 July 1969, got his first PhD  from Kannada University, Hampi, in 2000 for his thesis on “Kannada Drama and Realism” and he  obtained his second   PhD from Karnatak University, Dharwad in 2011 for his thesis on “The Poetry of G.M. Hopkins and Basavanna– A Comparative Study.”A noted critic, short story writer, playwright and translator Prof. Donur has to his credit Rangapravesha, Seelu Notagalu, Tama, Havu Tulidene, Tabalaji, Parihara, Dashakada Kathegalu, Olagana-Horagana, Bayala Beragu, Karapoorda Giri, Hosadari, Nota Niluvu Volume I, Nota Niluvu Volume II, Nota Niluvu Volume III, Nota Niluvu Volume IV, Kasturiya Mriga and Devar Nyaya (in Kannada), Reflections, Encounter with Divinity, New Perspectives on Girish Karnad’s Plays, Shabari, Past Modernism and Towards the Science and Aesthetics of the Everyday: A Tejaswi Collection  (in English), besides publishing over 120 articles ( both in English and Kannada)  in academic journals and magazines. He is currently working as Controller of Examinations at Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak  in the state of Madhya Pradesh.